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Introducing automation of waterfall management within an extensive T-Bull’s game portfolio

Discover how the automation of waterfall management of T-Bull’s extensive mobile game portfolio has increased monetization efficiency.

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User stickiness for mobile apps – how to engage more users

Discover how to keep users coming back to your app, ensuring your product’s success in the competitive mobile landscape.

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Lower mobile ads eCPM – a new reality?

Across the globe, mobile app developers are experiencing a decline in eCPM. Is there a particular reason behind this phenomenon?

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What is ASO (App Store Optimization)?

Have you ever come across the term of App Store Optimization? Explore our tips and recommended tools for optimizing your position in app store rankings.

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Alternative mobile ad formats comparison

Are you considering which ad formats could enhance the effectiveness of your mobile app ad inventory in order to generate higher ad monetization revenue?

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Google Ad Manager for mobile app monetization

Google Ad Manager is a helpful tool to enhance your content monetization. But is it also suitable for mobile developers?

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