Power up your Ad Mediation!

Bidlogic Intelligent Bidding is the first mobile tool,  that automates the Waterfall Management inside the Ad Mediation platforms to level up your Ad Revenue!

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Our platform

Get the most out of your Ad Mediation!

  • Automate waterfall management
    Connect your Ad Mediation and let our Algorithms optimize eCPM bids in the waterfalls.
  • Increase your App’s revenue
    Over 50% increase in Ad Revenue (compared to default instances).
  • No SDK integration
    S2S integration using API.
  • Save ALL the work
    Full management of the waterfall instances and groups.
  • Hybrid Waterfall
    Add In-App Bidding instances next to the eCPM bids.

Intelligent Bidding

How does it work?

  • Optimization process
    The app’s aggregated performance data is pulled from the Ad Mediation APIs. After detailed analysis, our Algorithms send the instructions via PUSH API to create the most optimal composition of each waterfall.
  • Intelligent Bidding
    Our powerful Algorithms developed over the years on billions of ad impressions adjust to your app’s performance to optimize the revenue. Intelligent Bidding system performs hundreds of operations in a single day including adding and updating the eCPM instances, changing their position in the waterfall and managing the Mediation Groups of countries.

  • Full support
    As an extension to Intelligent Bidding, we’re offering a full support of the Ad Monetization process.
  • Team of experts
    Leverage our long-time experience in Ad Monetization gained on our own (+150M DL/s) and partners’ apps.
  • Services
    Get recommendations to Ad Monetization Design, support to A/B testing, and access to Premium Features and eCPM Deals with Ad Networks.

360° Ad Monetization Service


Intelligent Bidding

Rev Optimization

Powerful Algorithms managing
the eCPM bids in the waterfall.


Full management of
the waterfall optimization process.

Fast Integration

No additional SDKs needed.
Server side integration.


Protecting your data
with secure dashboards

Our Partners




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    About us

    Bidlogic is a part of Vivid Games S.A.

    Vivid Games is a leading mobile games development and publishing studio. With over 7 year long experience in ad monetization and tens of released titles (+150M downloads) we`re here to bring your apps performance to the top!